National Security, Inc.

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Security Systems

National Security offers residential and commercial security systems using hardwire and wireless equipment. Protection includes doors and windows, glass breakage and motion detection. Residential systems can add fire protection as well as carbon monoxide detection and water detection with optional shut-off. Systems can range from 1 to over 100 easily identified zones. Once installed, 24-hour system monitoring is available and most systems are interactive capable with remote operation and instant notifications of alarm signals using

Cameras and Video Systems

Residential and commercial systems with indoor and outdoor cameras are available. Hardwired cameras use a network video recorder and offer high definition and NDAA compliant equipment. wireless cameras can be used for smaller applications. Most video systems have remote view capability using your phone, tablet or computer. cameras offers cloud storage of camera motion events and analytics technology to further enhance video capabilities.
IC Realtime Camera

Access Control

Business and commercial Access Control using scalable systems for large or small applications. Systems allow you to easily add and delete users, track employee activity and maintain schedules. System options include local systems with on-site software or cloud based systems that have remote storage and eliminate the need for on-site software. Multiple reader technologies are available to choose from. Interactive Systems and Automation systems allow you to control your alarm using your phone, tablet or computer and use reliable wireless communications which eliminates the need for a phone line. Home automation options include a doorbell camera, electronic locks, thermostats, garage door control and more.

Audio and Structure Cable Wiring

National Security also offers residential sound systems and structure cable wiring for phone, tv and internet.