Product Detail


• Integrated GE Security DVMRe support adds video recording to events reported to the Topaz system
• Individual parts or packaged in complete kits for startup or expansion
• Browser-style interface with device tree
• Interactive color graphics with dynamic icons
• Photo ID and badging software included
• Instant Access
• Data Guard






Topaz Access Control Panel

Intelligent software for access control

Topaz software includes a quick start menu for Auto Configuration and Batch Add cards, which you can activate instantly with a mouse click. Topaz uses a simple browser-style interface with full color maps, interactive icons, and point-and-click video. Packaged in complete two- and four-door starter kits and expansion kits, or as individual parts, Topaz provides everything you need for systems with up to 512 readers. Photo ID badging and report generation with preconfigured and custom reports are all part of your Topaz package.

Integrated video surveillance

View video from the Topaz User interface with the click of your mouse. Either click the video icon that’s tagged to event details, or view live video by clicking the video button in the alarm queue. Connect as many as 16 cameras to each of eight GE DVMRe Triplex series multiplexer/recorders on your Topaz network.

Robust Communications Options

Robust communications are built into your Topaz system.  Every control panel has an onboard high- speed LAN/WAN connection while still allowing for RS-485, RS-232, and dial- up communications.  You choose the best-fit options for every application.

Auto configuration

With a click of the mouse, you can initiate the Auto Configuration feature to detect RT panels, input/ output modules, and modems on the system. You can then select the configured devices or add names to individual devices before saving.  Use the Device Tree to view the entire system configuration at a glance.

Browser-style interface with interactive color graphics

The Topaz interface gives you a familiar browser-style environment to administer and operate the system. Dynamic alarm, reader, security area, and relay icons are displayed on color maps or other images in stan- dard graphic file types. The icons have full drill-down capabilities to the device level. Use simple mouse clicks on the appropriate icons to acknowledge alarms or operate, arm, or disarm individual devices and doors or complete security areas. Report generation Report generation is extremely easy through dozens of preconfigured reports, arranged by cardholders, operators, device types, system events, alarm events, alarm history, and operator actions. The system is also equipped with a point-and-click customizable Employee Report Generator tool with multilevel filtering.

Instant access

Topaz panels are not host-dependent. Each panel has a resident database of users and security information so it always keeps functioning.  Topaz provides access operations and alarm monitoring, even during system communication loss or data downloads.

Fully functional workstations

You can add up to four full workstations to the server, which also operates as a workstation. Both the server and the workstations include dynamic and fully inter- active maps with onscreen video call up, PTZ control, and report and event printing. Each station can also be used as an enrollment or assessment station for the integrated photo badging system.


Create badges easily with Topaz’s integrated video badging and photo ID facilities. Features include a badge design and drawing package with multilayer design tools, drag and drop capabilities, and a full editing package.  The digital photo capture tool provides image manipulation capabilities.  In addition, it features multiple-frame capture so your subject can choose the best likeness from several photos.  Photos may also be imported from remote video cameras and digital still cameras.

Data guard

Topaz eliminates the potential for database corruption in field panels due to communication failures during downloads.  The Data Guard feature copies data to local memory during a download, then verifies the accuracy of the data before updating the panel data- base, ensuring the integrity of the data.

CCTV camera with PTZ control

Add a video switcher to your network for a complete CCTV camera display with pan/tilt/zoom control to view an entire area. These features are available di-
rectly from any of the interactive color graphic maps.

Entry and exit delays by area

Configuring a short time delay before reporting an alarm allows ingress or egress while the system dis- arms or arms. Set each area with an individual delay.  Browser-style graphical interface can drill down to device level.

ACURT2 and ACURT4 intelligent controllers

Topaz panels are equipped with 90 MHz cold fire processors for fast two-way communications; and they support magstripe, Wiegand, barium ferrite, barcode, proximity, biometric, and smart card technologies.  The ACURT panels are designed for installation ease with removable hinge enclosure covers, a point-to- point wiring diagram etched on the panel’s overlay, and diagnostic LEDs. Panels also include flash memory for easy upgrades from the server. Up to 16 panels can be multidropped on an RS-485 bus. Connect up to four input modules (RIM) and/or four output modules (RRM) to each panel.  Each reader input on a Topaz panel has three 6-state supervised inputs:  a door contact, a REX (Request to Exit), and an auxilliary input.  There are two reader inputs on the ACURT2 and four on the ACURT4 panel.

Starter and expansion kits

Packaged in complete two- and four-door starter kits and expansion kits, complete Topaz systems are easy to order. Kits numbered A through D come with Topaz software, a two- or four-reader panel (ACURT2 or ACURT4), readers, 50 proximity cards, manual, RS-232 to RS-485 converter, terminator, and a 6-foot DB-9
to DB-25 cable.  See the ordering information for kit numbers.


Topaz hardware is forward-compatible with GE Security software packages such as Sapphire Pro and Diamond. Start with a package that meets your needs now, knowing that you can add flexibility in the future.

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