Product Detail

StoreSafe features

• Creates evidence CDs to share with law enforcement
• Prints images directly to an on-site printer
• Displays multiscreen live or playback video while recording
• Programmable record rates, modes and image quality by individual camera
• Instant searches by date, time and alarm/event
• E-mail notification upon alarm, video loss or change of record status
• WaveReader software to view live or recorded images from a remote PC and send recorded information via e-mail
• Choice of four- or 16-camera configuration
• Record rate of up to 30 pps (system total for all cameras)
• VCR-like controls, including jog/shuttle

StoreSafe Advanced features

• Associates POS/ATM text with recorded video using a ProBridge interface
• Synchronized single-channel audio
• PTZ camera control from a remote location







Use digital evidence to resolve incidents faster
StoreSafe lets you print images and create evidence CDs to share with law enforcement

The GE Interlogix StoreSafe is a digital video recorder and multiplexer with Triplex functionality, plus one-button printing and CD recording. It’s ideal for stand-alone security systems in small-business facilities such as restaurants, convenience stores and any retail environment that requires the ability to easily retrieve, copy and share video evidence to settle disputes and prosecute thefts.

StoreSafe is easy to operate, so managers or shift employees can easily and quickly produce evidence of a security incident. If you have a dispute or suspect customer theft or internal shrinkage, a simple search by time and date or alarm event retrieves crisp digital images of the event. You can then send selected images directly to a connected printer, or record an evidence CD that can be played back on any PC with a CD drive.

StoreSafe’s Triplex functionality lets you continue recording while you view recorded or live events, and the included WaveReader software lets you watch video on any networked PC. You can also program separate recording rates and settings for each connected camera. You can program StoreSafe to send an e-mail to one or two recipients whenever an alarm occurs.

StoreSafe also comes in an advanced model that adds single- channel audio recording, remote PTZ control and the ability to use an interface to associate point-of-sale (POS) text with corresponding video.

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