Product Detail

A Flexible Solution


Start with a single room. Install the home theater components in a closet or cabinet. The HomeShare keypad gives total access
and control to the home theater. Your customers will enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment while immersed in their theater experience.

Expand to a second room. With a keypad and a multi-zone Sony ES receiver, add a second room to the home theater installation. Standard Cat5e wiring between the two rooms keeps the job simple and cost effective. Now your customers can finish the high definition movie in the bedroom and the next morning wake up with their favorite music. All in HD video and all at the touch of a button.

As needs grow, add a HomeShare distribution panel for up to 8 separate rooms (4 rooms HD video capable). And by adding a second distribution panel, turn it into a total of 16 rooms. With a multi-zone ES receiver the home theater is extended throughout the home.

Cost effective, easy installation

Cat5e wiring
Reliable, economical, standard wiring. Each component of the HomeShare system connects using Cat5e to ensure easy installation.

Plug and play
Without having to spend costly time debugging and programming, HomeShare is completely plug and play. Each HomeShare device is self aware of the rest of the system. Customization can be done directly from a HomeShare keypad.


Source gear can be controlled via built-in IR pass-through. With two- way communication to your iPod®, browse all of your music right from any keypad. When connected to a Sony ES receiver via RS-232 and IR, you have two-way communication to access and control your home theater.

Easy integration
With a rear IR input on each keypad, HomeShare can be integrated into virtually any system you can design. Plus, every keypad includes a remote control for added convenience.

Have music stored on your
computer? No problem.
HomeShare can easily access
your PC through your home
computer network, allowing
you to play your favorite MP3’s
throughout your home.

With all the electronics built-in, your
Sony HomeShare system becomes a part of your home from day one.
And with the available paintable
faceplate, your HomeShare can
be customized to blend in to any
room or match any decor.






HomeShare HD

The Affordable Multi-Room Entertainment and Intercom Solution
Meet HomeShare. A very big idea in the comfort of your own home. High definition video in any room. Access to an iPod® anywhere in the home. Intercom that lets you call the kids down for dinner without ever raising your voice. A camera that lets you see who’s at the front door from the master bath. All at the touch of a button. All in perfect balance.

Whether installed in one room or throughout the home, HomeShare expands easily to integrate home entertainment into your customer’s lives. Simple, standard, cost-effective Cat5e wiring. Plug and play connectivity to a modular distribution panel. You’ll delight your customers with a sense of custom living and your bottom line with expanded sales.

Access to all your entertainment
HomeShare is designed to be within almost everyone’s reach. From their home layout, to their lifestyle and even their budget, your customers can start with a single room and easily expand into two or more, up to 16 rooms in all! Add AV source components, a camera doorbell, and a home theater. Whether they start with one room or a whole house system, HomeShare is flexible enough to offer a customized solution.  After all, no two homes, or the people that inhabit them, are alike.

Multi-room HD video
Multi-room HD lets you watch an HD movie anywhere or everywhere with just a touch on the in-wall keypad. Finish up the rest of that movie-on-demand in bed. Favorite team makes it to the playoffs? Put it in Party Mode and invite the neighborhood over to watch it on every screen. Late at night and can’t sleep? Pull up the Blu-rayTM movie from downstairs. It’s instantly available at the touch of a button.

Enjoy your iPod ® anywhere
With HomeShare, your customer’s favorite tunes are always within reach, no matter how far they roam in the house. All it takes is two runs of Cat5e to the wall port and plug in the dock. It’s that simple.

Content navigation courtesy of HomeShare
Become the master of your iPod®’s domain. From any keypad, find the genre to set the mood. Play your favorite playlist for the 4th of July barbeque. No matter what music you’re in the mood for, it’s all accessible from the HomeShare keypad.

Intercom with front door video
Wondering who’s ringing the doorbell? With HomeShare, the answer is right on the keypad in live video. Without having to take a step, talk to your visitor using the built-in intercom
function. HomeShare’s intercom is selective, so you choose the room. It also doubles as a room monitor. And by adding a video camera, you can even view the baby sleeping. Be
everywhere without having to go anywhere.

Home theater integration
Home theater gear doesn’t need to be separate from the multi-room system. HomeShare unlocks all of the entertainment in your home theater and extends it to the rest of the house. With a Sony ES receiver, using RS-232 and IR control, you can control your receiver and its sources. High definition movies, Sirius and XM satellite radio, cable and satellite TV – all are free to roam the entire home, thanks to HomeShare.

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