Product Detail

The Whole-House, Whole-Family
Entertainment Experience

With your integrated, multiroom solution, you’ll have a new way to enjoy music, TV, and video — throughout your home.

While you host a party around the bigscreen TV in the great room, the kids can watch their choice of DVD movies in their bedroom upstairs.

Let the teens tune in a live radio concert on the patio while you relax with a library of CD music at your fingertips in the living room.

Enjoy your favorite music throughout your home as you entertain family and friends during the holidays.

Sony-quality components, installed by Sony Authorized experts

Your New Home Entertainment Solution is designed and built by Sony — the most innovative name in electronics and home entertainment. You know Sony as a leader in consumer electronics. But did you know that Sony is also a leader in the integrated home-entertainment industry? Sony is a founding member of CEDIA, a trade organization specifically created to address the needs of the custominstallation industry.

During your home’s construction, your solution will be installed by a Sony Authorized professional, one of a select group that meets Sony’s rigorous requirements.

What’s more, all components are backed by Sony service and support, ensuring world-class performance long into the future.






Sony Home Entertainment Systems
Home Buyer's Guide

Integrated home entertainment by Sony
With Sony’s innovative New Home Entertainment Solutions, you can now enjoy a complete audio/video system specially tailored for your family and distributed throughout your new home.

It delivers the kind of music, TV, and video entertainment possibilities that you deserve — with an array of features that typical home entertainment products simply can’t match. Think of it as personalized, whole-house excitement.

A smarter pre-construction option
By building a Sony solution into your new home during construction, you can incorporate features that would be impractical and very costly to add after your home is built. Even with built-in structured wiring, you couldn’t duplicate the multiroom capabilities and one touch convenience you’ll enjoy with your fully integrated Sony solution.

Better still, your customized Sony home entertainment solution increases the value and marketability of your home.

Your whole-house entertainment solution
With Sony New Home Entertainment Solutions, your entertainment choices aren’t limited to a single room, or even a single type of entertainment. Imagine incorporating home theater into your entertainment repertoire — and delivering digital-quality audio and video throughout your home to suit your family’s lifestyle and individual preferences.

Everything is neatly integrated into your home’s architecture and décor; there’s no visible wiring or component clutter to spoil the look of your new space.

One-touch simplicity
Unlike conventional entertainment products, your Sony entertainment solution is remarkably easy to use. Anyone in your family can pick up the single system remote and launch the entertainment of his or her choice — whether it’s a DVD movie, TV, music, or home video.

That’s because Sony designed these solutions to work the way you think. The solutions are custom-programmed to make operation simple. Want to watch a DVD? Just touch the DVD button on your unified system remote. It’s all ready for you to use on moving day.

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