Product Detail


  • EXview HAD CCD

  • 480 lines of resolution

  • 0.1 lux sensitivity

  • Digital automatic backlight compensation

  • Advanced digital signal processing

  • Digital horizontal and vertical aperture correction

  • Advanced digital auto-tracking white balance

  • Day/night 3 - 6 mm varifocal lens

  • Weatherproof housing / IP66

  • Tamperproof screws and a Lexan dome for vandal resistance









Rugged Dome Camera

High-Resolution, EXview, Weatherproof cameras provide high-quality surveillance images in a variety of discreet commercial applications. Domes can be mounted in a variety of positions including wall mount, ceiling mount, and pendant mount. The camera can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees into the most desirable viewing angle using the 3-axis gimble mounting system. Each housing comes with a captive shroud that conceals the easy-to-position camera.

The weatherproof, vandalresistant Rugged Dome features a die-cast housing, an impact-resistant Lexan® dome, tamperproof screws, and a hinged cover for easy setup. A durable gasket on the base of the Rugged Dome provides a watertight seal to protect the camera. The dome can withstand temperatures ranging from 14 to 122 °F
(-10 to 50 °C).

The Rugged Dome offers a high-resolution, EXview∗ camera that incorporates adjustable gain control for low-light performance and excellent infrared response. The camera also features digital signal processing, and its automatic backlight compensation prevents important foreground objects from becoming silhouetted against bright backgrounds.

The camera includes a variable high-speed electronic shutter that compensates for conditions ranging from bright sunlight to low-light environments.

The Rugged Dome’s color camera delivers 480 TV lines of resolution and is sensitive to 0.1 lux. During low-light conditions, the camera will respond to IR illumination from an IR source (such as an IR lamp or LEDs), providing a clear, high quality image under 0 lux visible light.

The Rugged Dome’s day/night lens improves image quality during the day and during the night under infrared (IR) illumination.

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