Product Detail


  • Intercom

  • Flexible Line Buttons

  • Flexible Ring Assignment

  • Night, Day and Lunch Modes

  • Caller ID, Call Waiting/Logging

  • Backlit Display and Dial Keypad

  • Single-Line Device Integration with FSK Caller ID Compatibility

  • Off-Premises Call Forwarding

  • Optional Buil-n Messaging Card

  • Central Office Voice Mail Compatible

  • Panasonic Voice Mail System Integration

  • System Speed Dial Conferencing

  • Paging and Page Pickup

  • Toll Restriction

  • Direct Inward System Access with Outgoing Message and Fax Detection

  • Doorphone and Door Opener

  • PC Programming (Remote and On-Site System Administration)

  • Music/Message On Hold






Panasonic Telecom Systems

The Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Telephone System is expressly designed to streamline office communications by organizing your phone lines into a cohesive system and making a host advanced features available to each extension.

The Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Telephone System offers a variety of options to enable customized solutions. You can assign specific lines to each phone, make office-to-office intercom calls, forward your calls to an outside location or your cell phone, page all system extensions, and much more. So you can tailor your telephone system to the varied needs of your office.

This powerful combination of flexibility, high performance and value has made Panasonic Communication Systems number one in Key Telephone/Hybrid Systems.

The Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Telephone System works with standard telephone lines, so you don’t need to upgrade your phone service. It features a base configuration of three central office lines and eight stations. It can be easily expanded to up to eight central office lines and 24 stations with addition of two plug-in cards.

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