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Klipsch is the number one selling speaker in the United States.

Klipsch has the number one selling floor standing speaker regardless of price: RF-52.

We have the number one selling center channels and invented the first.

We are the oldest American Speaker company. Born in 1946.

One third of all floor standing speakers sold are KLIPSCH.

First center channel speaker made: 1951 The BELLE.

First video shielded center channel speaker made: 1953 The BELLE.

First THX certified multi-media product made. 1999

Longest lived product in the speaker industry: KLIPSCHORN (Since 1946)

Resonance Research finds us the closest brand to ideal. We have the most emotionally attached customers in the industry. 97% would buy again.

THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ has chosen to buy our products to have installed in all of their casinos, hotels and cafes.

REGAL GROUP has chosen us to be their speaker line. (REGAL, UNITED ARTISTS, AMC) That puts us in 80% of the theaters in the USA and Mexico.






Klipsch Speakers

Top 10 Reasons Why Klipsch Speakers Rock!

10. Klipsch is the official loudspeaker of the Hard Rock Cafe. The company’s products are placed in Hard Rock Cafe restaurants and retail locations; Hard Rock Hotel and Casino “high roller” suites and Hard Rock live performance stages.

9. High-performance Klipsch speakers have the ability to stir the soul and leave an impression that lasts long after the closing credits or final guitar strum.

8. Completely unstrained, Klipsch speakers guarantee you’ll experience every heart-stopping, jaw-dropping movie moment at maximum intensity.

7. The imaging of Klipsch speakers is so incredibly accurate that they reveal surprising layers of detail, meaning you’ll discover things in your favorite music and movies that you’ve never heard before.

6. From subtle cricket chirps to glass-shattering explosions in movies and from the scrape of a violinist’s bow to chugging guitar lines in music, you’ll hear everything in its full glory, regardless of volume level.

5. Because Klipsch speakers are highly efficient, they can fill any size room with powerful concert hall quality sound, but without the distortion or coloration of conventional speakers.

4. Klipsch speakers reproduce music and movie soundtracks just as musicians and directors intend.

3. Klipsch holds the #1 market share slot in all U.S. channels for a number of categories: floorstanders, center channels, surround speakers, subwoofers and on-wall speakers. (Source: NPD Intelect data January – September 2006)

2. Klipsch speakers are an absolute must for getting the true power, detail and emotion out of your favorite entertainment experiences.

1. When you see the Klipsch logo, you know you’re going to get The Ultimate Sound Experience™.

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