Product Detail

Standard Features

  • 3V Lithium battery operated
  • Field-replaceable optical chamber
  • Built-in 85dBa temporal sounder
  • Built-in drift compensation
  • Optional built-in heat detection
  • 319.5MHz crystal transmitter
  • Alarm signal sent to central station on test
  • Low battery pre-alarm sent to control station






    GE Smoke Detectors

    ESL battery operated photoelectric smoke detectors come in a variety of models for different applications. ESL offers both supervised wireless models and stand-alone models.

    The supervised wireless models are available in two types. The residential supervised models can be used with all GE Interlogix control panels that support wireless devices and the commercial supervised wireless models can be used with Advent panels. Supervised wireless models ship with batteries, transmitters included, plus feature Learn Mode technology.

    The stand-alone models can be shipped with batteries for use as non-system smoke detectors for use in various applications where an end-user chooses not to install a monitored smoke detector. Additionally, other manufacturers with proprietary transmitters and systems can use the stand-alone models when appropriately listed with UL.

    All of the ESL battery operated photoelectric smoke detectors continually monitor operational status and provide a visual trouble condition if they drift out of the sensitivity range or fail internal diagnostics. The series meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters. The alarm sensitivity level can be determined at the unit. Another feature is built in drift compensation that allows the alarm to adjust sensitivity automatically as it becomes dirty over time. The drift compensation feature dramatically increases the time between cleanings, as well as reduces false alarms.ESL 560N

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