Product Detail

Standard Features

Top-quality images

  • Digital signal processing
  • Excellent performance in most lighting conditions
  • Choice of sensor devices for any application
  • UltraView Xposure technology available

  • Housings for all applications
  • Uses a true “3-Axis Gimble” which allows for optimization of thefield of view level regardless of mounting location
  • Polycarbonate dome with captive shroud for easy installation, vandal resistance and to conceal camera position
  • Heavy-duty indoor/outdoor and lightweight indoor options (Rugged Dome housing is IP66 rated)
  • 12 VDC/24 VAC

  • Easy setup
  • The 3-axis gimble allows for wall mounting of the dome while maintaining a level viewing horizon
  • On-screen display menu walk users through options
  • Secondary video output inside the dome bubble for local test monitor during setup






    GE DM2/DR2 Dome Cameras

    High-Performance Dome Cameras


    The DM2 and DR2 security cameras provide high-quality surveillance images in a variety of discreet commercial applications. DM2 and DR2 domes can be mounted in a variety of positionsincluding wall mount, ceiling mount, pendant mount and flush mount (DR2 only). The camera can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees into the most desirable viewing angle using the 3-axis gimble mounting system. Each housing comes with a captive shroud that conceals the easy-to-position camera. The DM2 is a plastic housing designed for indoor use. The DR2 is an aluminum vandal-resistant IP66-rated environmental housing designed for indoor and outdoor use. Both housings feature a polycarbonate dome for extra durability. The DR2 and DM2 dome housings offer three great camera options to choose from, making it easy to get the right camera for the right situation.

    Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range

    The XP3 cameras use UltraView Xposure technology. Each pixel is individually optimized to show details in shadows and highlights. This ultra-wide dynamic range camera option will deliver usable images in the most challenging high-contrast lighting conditions. The improved low-light performance makes this option a true high-performance WDR camera. These camera options deliver an astounding 520 TVL of color resolution.

    High Dynamic Range

    The HDR cameras use a Sony double-speed CCD sensor with a wide dynamic range that makes surveillance under various critical backlighting environments possible. Micro-controllers in each camera provide high-quality digital images. Excellent low-light performance makes this a great choice for changing lighting conditions. The optional Day/Night models feature a removable IR cut filter, enabling the use of an external IR illuminator. These versatile camera options deliver 500 TVL resolution in color.

    General Purpose

    The EVR cameras incorporate a Sony CCD, DSP and a micro- controller to provide high-quality images with good color reproduction and sharp pictures. These camera options deliver 540 TVL resolution color as well as feature an advanced auto- exposure system for fixed and autoiris lenses that optimizes the available light.


    The DM2 and DR2 dome cameras are notable for their ability to work in just about any environment. Because the available camera options perform in extreme high and low-light situations, it’s easy to find a camera tailored to most security applications. The discreet DM2 is ideal for indoor applications including retail environments and healthcare facilities.  The DR2, with its vandal resistant and weather resistant characteristics, is well-suited for exterior installations including shipping ports and banking institutions as well as parking lots.

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