Product Detail

Standard Features

  • Six partitions and eight built in hardwire zones - 96 zones maximum as either hardwire, wireless, or combination
  • 96 wireless zones standard onboard
  • Two onboard programmable outputs
  • Compatible with all GE Security crystal and SAW Learn Mode sensors
  • SIA CP-01 False Alarm Reduction Standard compliant
  • 2- and 4-wire smoke detector compatibility
  • Panel auxiliary power provides 1 amp
  • Built-in-12-watt siren driver






GE Concord 4 Alarm Control Panel

Concord 4 Series Control Panels

Concord 4 is a full-featured security system for intrusion and fire detection that complies with SIA CP-01 false alarm standards. Easy to install and simple to use, Concord’s modular design and advanced software provide outstanding system flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any residential or commercial security application.

Easy expansion

Expand Concord’s capabilities by adding SuperBusR 2000 8z Input Modules for eight additional zones per module, or SuperBus2000 4-Relay Output Modules to add four more output points. SnapCardsâ„¢ also add to system zone inputs and outputs. Each card (one per panel) connects easily to the panel circuit board inside the cabinet for a clutter-free, professional installation.

Increase RF coverage area by adding up to four SuperBus 2000 RF receivers or SuperBus 2000 RF transceivers. Each receiver supports all 96 zones.

Expand the system even further with a Phone Interface/Voice Module for on- and off-site system control using touch-tone phones. The module includes a speaker output that provides on-site voice status and alarm messages.

Adding a SuperBus2000 Energy Saver Module lets users control heating and air conditioning. The Power Line Carrier Power Transformer adds X10 light control. The Wireless Gateway Module allows users to control and monitor the status of the system from the web site.

Increase power capability for system peripheral with a SuperBus 2000 2-amp Power Supply Module with battery backup. The module provides 2 amps at 12 VDC. 

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