Product Detail

Your Whole House Is An Entertainment Center

Whether you have cable or satellite, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies anywhere in your home. ConnectionCenter allows a video outlet anywhere – from the home theater in your living room to TVs in your recreation room or bedrooms.

It makes an audible difference too. As you walk from room to room, you can enjoy your favorite music with the highest sound quality. Whether you’re listening to CDs or radio, ConnectionCenter can distribute audio signals anywhere.

Features & Benefits

Upgrading or reconfiguring a system is as easy as snapping in or replacing modules.

Cable management provides optimal wire performance and easy installation.

Roomy, well designed enclosure, adds flexibility for upgrades.

The Value Of Your Home
Goes Up Before The Walls Do

Technological capability is a home improvement feature that adds significant value in two ways:

Increase Your Home’s Value As You Live In It

Enhance your family’s lifestyle.

Expand your ability to work from home, safeguard your family and enjoy entertainment.

Increase Your Home’s Value When You Sell It

Protect the future value of your real estate event.

Get a higher price and a quicker sale.

ConnectionCenter is an attractive feature that will become even more popular as the years go on. Just as it’s unimaginable to have a home today without central air or other amenities, it will be unthinkable tomorrow to have a home without advanced connections. It’s a huge selling point, and it adds big dollars to the value of your home.

The GE Smart ConnectionCenter
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The GE Smart ConnectionCenter

Just as your new home has a foundation upon which everything is built, ConnectionCenter is the electronic foundation for all the technologies of today and tomorrow. It’s the home network system that connects you to the digital age and the lifestyle that goes with it.

ConnectionCenter integrates all your needs with one simple, economical solution. And it delivers electronic technology to every room in the house. Whatever electronic capability you have, or whatever you want to add in the future, ConnectionCenter delivers it. This can include:


Your Smart ConnectionCenter allows you to work from home, network printers, scanners, computers and even play online games.


Your Smart ConnectionCenter supports multiple incoming phone lines which can be accessed in any room in your house.

Home Entertainment

Integrate multi-player gaming, room-to-room, house-to-house, even with friends or relatives in another state.

Home Control

Your Smart ConnectionCenter provides a network center to integrate Home Control.


Your Smart ConnectionCenter distributes CD quality audio and digital video signals through the home.


ConnectionCenter supports advanced security systems that provide 24-hour watch over your family, home and possessions. Protect against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide–even furnace failure. You can also set up a closed-circuit TV system to monitor a child’s room or see who’s at the front door. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing your family is safe and secure.

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