FAQ · Maintenance and Operation Questions

Maintenance and Operation Questions

How do I change my arm/disarm code?

If you are a current customer, please refer to the Customer Area redarding this question.

I hear a beeping coming from my system, how do I make it stop?

a.  The first thing is to determine is whether or not the beeping is actually coming from your alarm panel.  Your panel will beep for one of two reasons: an open zone (this is your chime sounder going off) or if the panel is in trouble.
Look on your keypad, is there any indication something is not right?  For example, if a star symbol (*) is displayed, all the lights are flashing, a yellow trouble indicator or a message stating that the system is in trouble or that you need to check the system trouble. 
If there is no trouble indicator on your panel, and there are no open zones that could be chiming, the beeping is most likely not coming from your alarm system but is coming from something else in the house.

b. Yes my panel is indicating that it is in trouble….. please go to the trouble shooting section and find your panel type and follow the instructions on determining what the trouble is, or call into the office and someone will talk you through it. 

I’m having painting/drywall/floor refinishing done… but this shouldn’t affect my system, right

Wrong.  Painting, drywall and floor refinishing all involve sanding and/or products that emit heavy fumes.  Both sanding and refinishing products have the potential to make a mess of your fire alarm monitoring.  They will trigger false smoke alarms almost every time if the proper precautions are not taken.  When undertaking any of these jobs with the home, please take the time to cover your smokes with plastic bags and seal them off with plastic.  If not the dust will accumulate inside and might require a service call to get it all cleaned out.  The fumes will also trigger alarms until the smell dissipates.  Contractors traditionally will not answer the phone when we call, so to prevent the fire department from coming needlessly, take the time to cover those smokes. 

I’m having roofing/siding work done, that won’t affect my system right?

This is a tricky one. It does have the potential for false alarms if proper precautions are not taken ahead of time.  If you have glass break detectors, depending on where they are located, the hammering might trigger false alarms.
The option here is to either not arm your system, or to bypass your glass break detectors.  Remind the contractors that you have an alarm system, especially for siding work when they might be setting nails in around a window or door.  It only takes one nail in the wrong place to sever a wire to a contact.

I’m having windows or doors replaced, is this going to affect my system?

Yes most likely it will as most systems are contacted at both the windows and the doors.  It is important to contact us at least 2 weeks in advance so we can determine what we need to do to make the transition during the construction go smoothly.  WARNING: Many new replacement windows and doors cannot be contacted in the traditional method which requires us to drill holes in them and the frame.  Please contact the installers and find out if it will void your warranty if we re-contact the doors and windows in the traditional method.  If we cannot drill to replace the contacts, your options are to upgrade to wireless or to add glass breaks and motions instead of contacting the actual doors and windows.  This is why it is important to call so far in advance so we can get you a proper estimate for any work that will need to be done to get your system back up and running after the replacement work is done.

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