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UL Certification

All Central Operators have valid government issued credentials indicating they are receiving ongoing professional training and have passed extensive local and federal background checks to ensure their integrity.

To read more, please refer to the Underwriters Laboratories website.





24-Hour Monitoring Services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

Burglary, fire, panic, environmental, power and system arming/disarming are just some of the signals that can be monitored. Police or Fire Authorities are contacted and home and business owners are notified according to procedure.

The Monitoring Center is a secure facility which is U.L. (Underwriter’s Laboratory) approved and staffed around the clock by trained professionals. All operators have valid government issued credentials, indicating that they have passed extensive local and national background checks to ensure their integrity. Strict standards are met regarding response time, staffing and training requirements, automated record keeping and computerized alarm response procedures.

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