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Frequently Asked Questions


How is a security system monitored?
The security system traditionally communicates signals through a telephone landline, however wireless communications options are available and recommended. This eliminates the need for a landline and offers faster, more reliable communications. If your phone line goes down, your system will still communicate.

Will I be locked into a long term contract?
No, most of our Agreements are for one year, however they do automatically renew until canceled as per the terms of the Agreement.

How is monitoring billed?
Monitoring is billed in advance, usually semi-annually (every 6 months). Payments may be made by check or credit card. (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) We can keep your information on file for automatic payment if desired.

If I don’t pay my bill will my account automatically be canceled?
No! Because of the nature of our business, we must receive a written request to discontinue service. Failure to make payment might be due to travel, oversight or lost mail and we would not jeopardize your security by assuming non-receipt of payment indicates a desire to not continue service. After a period of time, non-payment will result in cancellation, but you would be notified before this action is taken.

Sales & Installation

Can I add more security features to my system after it is installed?
Yes, you add more protection as your needs change. Residential systems can add fire protection and water sensors. The panel can be upgraded periodically to keep up with new technologies and can be added for wireless communications and interactive system operation using your smart phone and apps.

Do I have to pay a rental fee for the equipment you install?
No, you purchase the equipment outright so no monthly rental fee is involved.

Do you offer package deals with free equipment and installation if I sign a multi-year monitoring contract?
National Security offers customized systems at the lowest price possible with a one year renewable monitoring contract. Occasionally a discount is offered when a multi-year contract is signed, based on the circumstances of an account.

If I buy my own equipment will you install it for me?
National Security only installs industry quality equipment that we provide and can offer a warranty on.


If I have work done on my house, will this affect the security system?
This will depend on the type of work you are having done and what type of protection you currently have. We recommend calling our Service Department ahead of the work to see what might be affected and determine if the system will need adjustments. Replacing windows and doors, refinishing floors and painting are a few examples of work that may affect your security system.

Can I get technical assistance if I’m having a problem?
Yes, during office hours our Service Department can address any concerns you have. Many times a phone call will answer your question and resolve a problem. If needed, we will promptly schedule a service call. After hours assistance is available from on call technicians 24/7. Emergency service is available.

What happens to my alarm system if my power goes out?
When your system loses AC power, the backup battery temporarily powers the system. How long it will power the system depends on many factors. The battery is only a back-up. Once the power is restored, some systems require to be reset.

Does the monitoring fee include service?
No, the monitoring is a separate fee and pays for monitoring service only. Service and maintenance are charged separately.

My keypad is beeping, what can I do?
If your system is a Concord 4, press the * button on the keypad and whatever trouble that is causing the system to beep will be displayed on the screen:

  1. Sensor low battery: Replace sensor battery
  2. Phone failure: Check your phone line
  3. Main system low battery: Replace the main system battery
  4. A/C power failure: Check the power transformer, make sure it is plugged in and the outlet is working
  5. Entire house loses A/C power: Press * key to silence beeping. Once power is restored, press the disarm button and then enter your code – do this twice in a row – then press the * key again.

If unable to resolve a problem, or for any other system type, contact our Service Department or the after hours on-call technician.